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She singing the same song that Janice Vidal sang.  Janice Vidal formly as known as Wei Lan in HK is a famous Hong Kong singer that sings Cantonese and American songs.  Here's is more info of Janice Vidal 


Thanks Cyn! I was looking for that information! :) I'll check it out...



u just quoted me



I give Pegs credit too! :) ANother find!

Did you see this link to original singer of "demo" song?? Janice Vidal...


didn know that Janice's surname is Vidal.hehe

i love her songs too....


one of the favourites : Dai Go[big brother] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTd6kicxlFw


and this is the recent one : Running away from home http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oQqLtJLDlg




Cool! She's part Korean, part lots of other things. She lived in US for quite a while too... thanks! :)


yea, i've heard her speak, very well spoken english


Kleio the Muse

[this is good] Hey, she's my favorite idol too. She's from Malaysia in Labuan (East Malaysia). Go visit her at her site. She has got the loveliest voice. So sweet and pure. I like her Cinta Hello Kitty (Hello Kitty Love) song from her album Mulakan (Start it). I've gotten this lyric (song lyric in Malay with English translation) from the net.


Mengapa kau membutakan telingaku (Why did you deafen my ears)
Mengapa engkau membutakan hatiku (Why did you blind my heart)
Sehinggaku tak peduli (Till I don't care)
Semua insan berbintiku (Hmm..how to translate this line?)

Hinggaku sanggup melarikan diri (Till I was willing to run away)
Tinggalkan ibu ayah dan Hello Kitty (Leaving mom,dad and Hello Kitty)
Bersamamu ku temui (Together with you I've met)
Yang kukenal sehari (The one I've known for a day)

View the video here.

Ku tahu ibu ayah terguris hati(I know mom and dad have been hurt)
Siang dan malam gelisahkan aku (Day and night worrying me)
Hello Kitty tolong aku (Hello Kitty,help me)
Katakan aku ok... (Saying that I'm okay)

Esok aku meraih hari jadiku (Tomorrow I celebrate my birthday)
Air mata berlinang dipipiku (Tears flowing on my cheeks)
Hello Kitty tolong aku (Hello Kitty,help me)
Tiupkan lilin yang buta ini (Blow off this blind candle)

Setelah kepalsuan mencelikkanku(After falsity opening my eyes)
Setelah penyesalan menginsafkanku (After regretfulness making me realise)
Hello Kitty tolong aku(Hello Kitty,help me)
Aku mahu pulang...(I wanna go home....)


[this is good] Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you sooo much for all the info! :) Especially the English translations...

Malay people have always been so kind to me. Do you know Dori or Peggy ? Both very nice people from Malaysia!

Kleio the Muse

I am glad that you like it. I was afraid I might be a tad bit over-enthusiastic at first. LOL. But I can't help it! I really do like her alot.

Errm.. actually, I am not a Malay, but I am a Malaysian... a Chinese Malaysian.

I don't know Dori or Peggy yet. But I am going over to say hello to them right now.

I am happy to have made your acquaintance.


Opps! Sorry, I know the difference - it was just a slip up.  Peggy and Dori are ethnic Chinese too... Do you know about the singer Corrinne May from Singapore?

Can't be too much information dear! I love to include the lyrics (including English translation) in with the mp3 songs I have, so this is perfect! I have the "love of Hello Kitty", plus some other songs she sings. She is so talented and such beautiful person - she's sure to go far!

Glad to have met you too! :)

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