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it looks lovely, just as lovely as Mikeymike =)

beautiful tomorrow

wow they're so pretty!! 


Thanks! They certainly look better than moi! :P


Thanks. We've had a great rain year. San Diego is technically a desert (less than 15 inches per year) so all the rainfall and cooler temps are rare and the cacti seem to love. Some have bloomed twice now!


Beautiful. There aren't flowers like those around here... It's nice to see something new.


[this is good] The first cactus kind of looks like a lotus blosson. Very pretty!!
Cactusus are very cool.  Yours look like they are doing well and
are very beautiful.  ^-^


Cactus pretty much require a desert-like environment. Sometimes you can raise them indoors, but even that is pretty dodgy... Next time you go to LA check out the desert and  even tropical plants here. Cali has one of the most deverse ecosystems of the planet... (when you can see it through the haze!) :)

btw, when you are an official Six Apart Person, can you get then to add Spell Check to Comments?? Really a pain not to have it for a lousy speller like me! ;)


The macro mode on digital cameras is so cool! Back in the day, very few cameras could focus close to things at all (maybe 3 feet) and very few had zoom, so all you could typically get where the *idea* of flowers in the distance...

The blooms are just starting. This is an extrodinary year for the cacti! :)

Kleio the Muse

They are so pretty. You photography skills great too. That yellow flower's just lovely to look at esp at the last pic. 


Thanks Muse. So nice to have beautiful objects to work with... macro mode built in to almost all digital cameras these days is so wonderful! :)

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