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thanks mikey for the "survive"! i was having a headache trying to think of a suitable word..! and the last sentence, it's actually the narrator protects her, not she protects the narrator!

"Fan nao" actually means worries, i didn't know how to do that, it's definitely not "words"....

hugs! i'm glad you liked this song...!


[this is good] Thanks Dori! I know how hard it is to translate something - not just the words - but the meaning... That's why so many translated Jpop song lyrics sound so silly... Trying to convey what is really meant; and with lyrics it seems many do want to more or less literal translation. The best I've seen actually put notes at the bottom, to expalin... Maybe it would be cool to have a VOX lyrics translations Group, like we had on Tabulas, before Roy messed up that function?! ;)

You know, Wiki's are *made* for that kind of thing... where you can have versions and it shows who chaged what... Wikipedia is perfect example to see what I mean and LastFM does that too.

Thanks again sweetie! :)

Kleio the Muse

Breathtaking. Enjoying the song right now. Will comment again soon. Right now it's bliss.


Glad that you liked it! :)

Kleio the Muse

I like that video too. Though I love the woman singer better. Good find Midori! 

Her voice is so sweet with a dreamy quality to it. She gave me a floaty and weightless feeling. Love that soft guitar and intense and smooth flute accompaniment.


Yes, I like the Fan Liu version better too. her voice was perfect for this sad song... and those aren't western music flutes either. Anyone recognize what they are? Chinese instruments maybe??

Yes, I think that there is a dreamy quality to the song. I loved it before I knew what the words meant... :)


[this is good] actually, 刘芳 pronounce like Liu Fang, not Liu fan.


[this is good] this Chinese instrument is Hulusi,(in SChinese: 葫芦丝, TChinese:葫蘆絲,pinying: húlúsī), it's made with bamboos and it's a kind of wind instrument.


[this is good] thanks so much! I appreciate it.


:) you're welcome.

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