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[this is good] They are both totally kawaii!! :-) I think the Hachiko book is perefect
for them for their age.  I like how you call them your little
"niecelets".  Very cute!!


[this is good] They are SOOO cute!!

beautiful tomorrow

[這個好] wow they're super super cute!!! *squeeezeee* 


I wanna have another girl....


Awww... thank you! They are cute and sweet and smart... what more could an Uncle Mikey desire?? :)


Thanks! I think so... and they have fans "Aunties" all over the world! ^^


hehe! You remember from the "olden" days huh? The first Princess Emma pix...


Yes, you should! Mikey's friends make girl babies! ;)

Rosie Lou

[this is good] Cute, they're so tiny but they have i pods :) They're very sweet :)


Emma mastered her Nano right away... and wouldn't give it back to her Mum for quite a while! ^^ Actually, an iPod is easier than a portage CD player... and no media to change! The Shuttle is so small and light! Plus, with no display, I dont think Emma will be jealous... and cant read anyway! ^^

They are cuties - but both have strong personalities!! ;) Babysitters beware!

Rosie Lou

Hee, they sound like really clever little kids :)


They are very smart, which they get from their mother, who is an analyst at a world-wide consulting firm. I just want to give them a little more of the wide wonderful world... They are very receptive - for instance... They love Bette Midler's version of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy! lol

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