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That's spooky.  It looks just like the fires we had in British Columbia a few years ago.  The edge of town looked just like that, at least when the smoke cleared enough to see farther than 50 ft.  I'll be watching everywhere for updates.


Yes, it was pretty scary having a major fire just a mile away. Thankfully, there was a resavoir between the fire and us. One of the reasons I didn't evacuate. In the AM, with virtually no wind, the helicopters were out dumping water and making quick work of the remaining fires in my area.

You should know that this fire was only one of 8 major blazes in San Diego county right now, so there are still lots of evacuations and homes burning down, even now. In fact, over 1 million people in Southern California have been have had to be evacuated so far. A truly mind-boggling situation!


Yeah, I've been watching it on the news.  It's pretty crazy down there for sure.  One of my other hoodies, Steve Betz, lives down there as well and was evacuated from his house the other day.  He's back home now without any problems.  Hopefully this gets under control soon.

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