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Does the US air Music Station? It's a music TV show from Japan.. (kind of like TRL).. I catch it every Friday here on Animax.

I know that the US has some anime TV stations, so maybe they might have this show on over there.

2 weeks ago, even the Backstreet Boys performed there.


[this is good] I'll see if I can find out... I know there was a place that had OPMs and MVs from Asia back in the day...

I know there is a channel called AZN (get it? AsZiaN) that plays MV and such too. I miss International Channel that went away... something from all over the world! My cheepo Satellite plan lineup doesn't have anything the least bit exotic however.

BSB are still in existence?? I found a real cute video version of Nsync's This I Promise You in English and Spanish for the Princesses! Emma's 4 now. Time to start breaking them in to Boy Bands! ^^

Their newest Nano G3 plays videos too!


not too bad, a fairly good singing! as usual, shee looked amazing ..:)

thanks for sharing

i didn know that she could sing.hehehe

[listening Rent's Season of Love on old pink poddy]


[いいですね] That seems an especially Japanese thing, too also become a singer, in addition to acting, modeling, etc. Did you know that she is part Algerian/French? The wikipedia article about her is most interesting! Seems she's been in trouble with the Japanese media lately for being "haughty". And is taking a year off in England.

Did you see my new Neocounter on my VOX? And a Chatbox too! Finally went and got one! No Chatters on my Box yet though... :(

The Rent Movie soundtrack is one of the few that the whole CD is great throughout. I think it's more entertaining than the film. :)

Do you still have access to the American iTunes Store? I could gift it to you... for your new Pink Pod.

I'm pretty sure that there is software to take music from a Pod and put it back on your hard drive.... And I hope that you are backing up your new stuff now Missy! lol

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