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I'm happy that you found it!! Enjoy the theme song...I mean the drama! ^-^






[いいですね] Freudian slip?? as I know you love the theme song! :) I got the theme song and several MVs from there too! And your endorsement went to long way in my determination to find it. <3

BTW, I told Lauren (a great friend and VOX employee) about your site and it's kawaiiness, so she may come visit you soon. Did you hear about the VOX HP Themes (Banners) contest? Money to be given away! I bet you and your cohorts could concoct a great H!P themed one(s). My only fear is that if you two get together there will a Kawaii nuclear explosion!! :P


[c’est top] Thanks to you recommending it! :)


I actually don't know how to create an actual banner...what I mean are the proper dimensions as I have no idea how to "stretch" a photo to that size...won't the image distort. Haha don't answer that!! Sometimes it's not good for me to ask too many dumb questions in public! :P


Awww! No question is dumb! :) It doesn't have to be one picture. You can use Photoshop, or something like it to make custom designs to fit in space. There is a VOX Banners group run by Lauren to help you out. She is the Master and nice about it too. I was going to make a iPhone one! I think you and the H!Psters could make some awesome banners! And win big to get some Hello! Project swag! :P

Kleio the Muse

Sugoi na. Mikey didn't know you fancy J-Drama too.

So how was it? This drama I mean. Have you watched it yet? What's it about? I know I shud have just google about it. But, I just wanna hear it from ya ;)


[this is good] I'm watching it an episode or two at a time. There are 11 in all. Excellent so far! Peggy and Morningberryz both recommeded it! :)


Here's the link for the contest. Even if it's not of interest now, you might want to make some H!P ones sometime... :)

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