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She's so pretty... and she has a lovely voice.


Yes, she's a top model in Japan too. And starred in the Japanese film Nana recently... pretty amazing! :)


isn't she amazing!!!

i didn't watch NANA though...but i've always loved her voice esp this song


She's pretty amazing! Nana isn't bad at all... I bought from YesAsia.com
Never knew the English translation till now...


yesasia!! your fav shopping arena..:P


Many times my *only* resource to get certain things.... I think it's funny when the movies come out here years later in US release! ^^


[this is good] I love Mika Nakashima! She has such a lovely and moving voice. I like her beat too!  You have great taste in music!!!! ^-^


Thanks! I saw a lot of stuff in your collection that I liked too! :)


OMG... This is my favorite song of her... She's so gorgeous!


I totally agree! :) Have you seen her Japanese film Nana? Worth seeking out...


Yeah! OMG! She looks amazing in that movie! I like Hitoiro and Glamorous Sky singles... But I love her own style, no rock. Do you listen My Sugar Cat?





She's always beautiful! :) My Sugar Cat is wonderful too! The playful cat reminds me of My Neighbor Totoro (The Catbus) and the puppets of Indonesian wayang theater that is done with rear projection against a screen...

It's so cool to all this J-Pop stuff on YouTube now. It used to be such a pain to find the good stuff!

Have you seen Mienai Hoshi?? Her beauty is almost distracting! ^^


Mika Nakashima - Mienai Hoshi

shahanah jane

[いいですね] now they removed the live version. i really L-O-V-E that live version. and i can

Rufus Barringer

[this is good] I agree with you

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