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[this is good] That is so moving !


So beautiful!...every time I've heard Josh Groban sing he makes is seem so effortless! Amazing voice and a touching song! ^ ^


[this is good] I love this performance! Lucia playing the violin solo, is Italian/Korean - hapa! ^^ Nice to know the lyrics, huh? :)

Hope you aren't getting too much rain in Hawaii right now! :(


[this is good] So moving indeed! <3


Yay! it's finally looking clearer today although I though the very same thing early yesterday before the rain came back suddenly. :/ But it's still better than snow....if it snowed in Hawaii I'd have to move! :P 


[this is good] I'm writing this on my tiny Acer Aspire One mini-PC! 2.2lbs and so small... truly small enough to take everywhere! I'll post on it soon...

It's raining here too! :( Seems there are waves of Pacific storms heading this way... The Weather Service has an awesome radar display...looks like more rain ahead. :( Better get your "PedMotel" ready!

Hope you are feeling better luv :)


Kyaaaaa! OMG more storms?!! This is not good! :/

I've actually seen this really tiny laptop by Acer and HP makes a little one too! Amazing that they can get everything into such a tiny space! ^ ^


[いいですね] Hope the rains not too bad and doesn't do further damage! Your bed might have to be a Noah's Arc otherwise! The Radar part you can click on is awesome. More useful than even commercial services. Of course, like San Diego, we usually don't have 'weather" hehe :)

This Acer seems to be at the top of the pack so far! They even added a 160gb drive over what the Laptop magazine review said. I'm not crazy about the touchpad/buttons, but it will be so cool to have that portability, especially with the very strong wi-fi! wish I would have had it on my Thanksgiving Dallas trip... :)

I would say Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite, but that's a little too close to home these days, ne? @@


OMG its' still raining and there's no let up in sight! :/ It's such a cute little computer! ^o^ Although I know that cute wasn't necessarily what they were going for when they created it. :P

I have a clear glass and a sheet of paper for when he comes back! ^ ^

Harvey Roger

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