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That song really touched my heart! ;_; So beautiful!!!!

Thnx for sharing! *hugs*


[いいですね] Thank you!  I though you'd like it! :) Hope to make a YouTube playlist of her best... I found her by accident from a www.plurk.com post!


Haha aww X3

Awesome that would be great! X3 <3

Keep it up! *hugs*


[this is good] Check at the bottom of this post... i put her 'unplugged' version of Dandelion on there! <3


Kokia is really amazing!!! The performance with her percussionist is breathtaking and so intimate~ and her vocals really transcend strong emotions. =) Thank you for sharing these clips! ^ ^


She trained as a vocalist. Even spent time in the US. She is a musician too, playing violin and piano. I love her little dance in Dandelion!! :) She always performs barefoot and is getting a bigger following in Europe now.

Some artists just make you want to cry, because it is so beautiful! That's what I am always looking for and want to pass on to the Princesses.

Angela Aki is a fav of mine too now. I think a have All her stuff!! :) I think that she is hapa too.. To me, it's not just the song, but the performance. It can make so much difference! So, I try too look through all the YouTubes before I post someone's performance...



So cuuuute!!!

Thank you for sharing! <3<<3 *Hugs*




[this is good] Hey, MB - I was wondering if You'd post her Dandelion video on your blog? Much larger audience at your place! :)

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