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[this is good] yes she is amazing!!
look at all the audiences... hehehe


[this is good] It does the heart good to see something like this? did you see the change on Simon's face :P

India Arie's song called Video is great in that respect also... I am worth more than the value of my clothes... You can find it on YouTube. :)


and i havent seen Simon smiled this genuinely
oo ok, i shall go find it


[this is good] Just in case... It's HERE



This was really a *goosebump* moment.......her voice and her personality are both amazing! I love how everyone went from looking doubtful to loving her. This is really awesome!......I hope she wins...I actually have no idea of how this show works though. 


[this is good] It's pretty much like American Idol, except it includes other talents too, besides just singing. I think she can have a career now, just from that performance. :) I'm so glad that you liked it and recognize why it is important hugs

Kleio the Muse

She's fantastic. The look on Simon's face was priceless. LOL

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