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[this is good] they are saying.. 'faster. faster.  u guys stop playing.. we need to reach there before the cold'.

then one is saying.. ' mom.. im so tired. it is so far.. can we rest?'

mom said 'no no.. come one.. we are late.. gtg now.. u have to train urself to become stronger..'

hhaha.. lol


[this is good] lol! No, that's your Mum talking to YOU! ;)

Awesome sight seeing so many. Even more today!!


[this is good]

Jane understands birds' language. =.= lol

but I thought it's warm in US now?


Birds migrate in spring from south to farther north as they become warmer... California is narrow flyway when they come north, cause to the east is desert, so they have to come through here. :)

Kleio the Muse

Go at em with a big net. Muahahahaha


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