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Woooow so pretttttttyyyy! <3 She's soo cute so is her voice! Love the song!.......... I got goosebumps Q.Q So beautiful! She's really something special! Wooow! *Love Love Love*

Thnx alot Mickey Kun! <3



[this is good] She blew me away singing that for the opening of the Chinese drama Return of the Condor Heroes! I'll put that video up too! She even sings in English remarkablly well! :)

Kleio the Muse

[this is good] She blew me away too when I first heard this theme song while watching that drama which I came to adore. Such beautiful singing.

Mikey thanks for showing this vid *hugs*. Now I know who she is. And please do show me her English performances. You've gotten me curious.


[いいですね] Glad Muse enjoyed it too! :) I found it by accident - not on YouTube! ^^

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