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A~h! her second album is being sold on YesAsia?! *Thank you* so much Mikey for sharing!! If not for you I would be missing out on so much!! Her track selection is *amazing*...but I've already rambled on that earlier so I'll spare you my excessive blabbering whenever I find music♪♪~ I ~♥~!…(^q^)


[いいですね] Hehe! I thought of you when I found it! I knew you would love it! You can't go on enough! <3


*Thank you* so much!!...this is really a must have! ♥


Wow love love! What a great and cute song <3 :3 Love it! Just like MB says it's a must have :3 Thnx mikey kun!

*hug hug*


[this is good] I just recieved all three of her CDs from YesAsia today!! :)


My copies♥ arrived too! (*´∀`*)....*thank you* so much for sharing her releases with me~! I would be missing out on so much wonderful music had it not been for you.....honto ni arigatou gozaimasu~! ^ ^


You are the first person I thought of when I heard the news! <3

I got her Japanese Unfold and her new CD that's not even out here yet! I just ripped and listen non-stop! I know some of those songs because if you! :)


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